Social Media Management

My priority as a freelance marketing consultant is to provide a friendly hand up to an essential service for people who may feel alienated when considering bigger agencies. I do this by ensuring my prices are flexible, transparent, and affordable from the start.

There’s no formula for success on social media management.

Social media management for start ups, small businesses and more

No matter how small a company is, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from an expert to deliver content that will connect them to their audience. That’s where Socia Sheffield comes in.

As a social media management consultant, I provide social media strategy planning, auditing, reporting, and implementation.

Socia Sheffield Offers:


Consultation and advice


Social media content creation

Social media account management
Social media posting

Social media reporting

Holistic Social Media Management

Marketing Beyond Social Media
As a freelance marketing consultant, I have many skills under my belt. This means that when I take a look at your social media and make any suggestions, or start working with you, I can also advise on other areas.

A full in-depth marketing plan needs to have several prongs to it, to widen your funnel and bring in more customers. Each prong is fundamental to the success of each of the others, and they can be utilised together to maximise your lead-generation potential.

I offer a free one hour consultation to any business. During this you have no obligation to take up any of my services, and I will offer up any advice I can. If you wish to send me some information beforehand, I can make some suggestions that you might wish to implement into your marketing plan.

Sheffield Social Media Marketing Discounts

I offer a 10% discount for anyone looking for marketing consultancy and social media management in Sheffield.
This can be used in conjunction with the 1 hour free consultation. So what are you waiting for?

Consultancy & Prices

​Let me guide you into creating, establishing, and promoting your brand online through my social media management services.

I have years of experience in helping businesses and charities form successful social media strategies. My work is heavily results based and goal driven, depending on what you need and want as a business.

As opposed to some marketers who will just do what you ask, I will perform a full analysis of your business’ overall marketing tactics and design where social media management will fit within this, as well as be able to advise on any other areas of improvement.

My consultancy starts from just £20 an hour for charities and non-profits and I will work out a quote ahead of time based on your needs, so you know exactly what you will be paying for, and how much.

Case studies

Jasmine helps us with our social media marketing and it’s really made a difference to us. Since Socia has got involved we get more and better interactions with the people in our market. Because what we do is highly technical its great to be able to deal with Jasmine who can understand things quickly and make an immediate impact for us.

Martin English


Contact Me


Get in touch to arrange a free telephone or face-to-face consultation and learn more about how I can drive your brand forward.
With years of experience in social media management and marketing, both physical and digital, and qualifications to beef it up, I know how to help you and your business grow and flourish. All you’ve got to do is call!

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