About Us

Marketing with a social purpose, in more ways than one.

Our Mission

Companies often feel excluded from marketing agency assistance if they don’t have a multimillion pound turnover. Socia wants to change that.

Businesses with a smaller turnover are the ones who need marketing the most.

They need unique and exciting marketing campaigns which go above and beyond, propelling their growth.

Flexible pricing plans and up-front quotes offer the accessibility businesses need to ensure you can pay for your marketing delivery whilst reaping its rewards.

Our Story

Socia was started in 2020.

“I worked in marketing for the charity sector for a number of years, with next to nothing in terms of marketing budget and no other team member to rely on but myself.

This taught me that there was a need for transparent, flexible, and affordable marketing agencies.

Socia Marketing is the fruit of that idea, and continues to become stronger in value as we grow.”

Jasmine Edgley

Why Socia is not a Marketing Agency

I manage clients one-on-one, which means you won’t be passed around between teams or consultants. All your marketing needs, done through one point of contact.

Because I work with a lot of start-ups, and small businesses who are yet to make their mark in the world whether that be through traditional marketing methods or digital, this deeper level of understanding and relationship between agency and business is very important to the way I work.

Each client is handled differently – I do not have any defined client processes, they are all designed and tailored to exactly what you need at any one time.

Our Values

I am passionate about helping small businesses.

Your business is very important to you, I know this because Socia is very important to me.

Businesses are personal, fragile just like family and at Socia, I invite my clients to become part of a larger business family where you feel heard and supported and can develop the uniqueness of your business and share its value for all the world to see.

My business values are very important to me, the work I do, and the clients I work with. These values include advocating for women’s rights, especially in the workplace and against gender-based violence, and class issues which persist in business growth.

I want to help business owners break down the barriers which prevent them from smashing through the glass ceiling of the class system through giving them the kind of marketing that is usually only available for big businesses. Let me help you grow your business without breaking it.

Marketing Pricing Structure

You will receive a free one hour consultation where your needs will be discussed, and a plan created. Your quote will be created from this, and is always a defined amount for the project so you can guarantee you won’t run up any excessive bills.

Marketing is needed by all, especially for the ones who believe they can’t afford it. My freelance delivery structure with low overheads means my pricing is one of the most affordable of any marketing agency in the UK.


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